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Squash Summer Trombetta di Albenga Climbing

Squash Summer Trombetta di Albenga Climbing

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Heirloom Climbing Summer Squash

Trombetta di Albenga

This wonderful Italian heirloom summer squash is a vigorous climbing vine, producing many 12 to 15 inch, lime-green fruits with a curvaceous trumpet shape and a delicate mild taste with a hint of nutty artichoke flavor. Trombetta’s flesh is seedless and firm and doesn’t get watery or mushy like regular zucchini. The rambling plants will soon cover a trellis, fence or stakes with graceful fruits that hang like jade ornaments cloaked in a lush canopy of big, heart-shaped leaves.


Seed Count: 25-30 / Weight: 3.5 gms
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