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Tomatillo Fiesta Duo

Tomatillo Fiesta Duo

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Mexican Tomatillos

Two Color Fiesta

Easy to grow, tomatillos look like large green cherry tomatoes, each wrapped in a thin papery husk like a candy. Our heirloom purple-skinned variety is prolific with small, sweet/tangy fruits that are great grilled or in purple salsa. Green-skinned Toma Verde is imported from Mexico, with crispy fruits on strong vines. Enjoy both sweet-tart flavors for summer salsas, rich-tasting stews and savory sauces.


Seeds are color coded with USDA food grade stain to distinguish varieties.

Green seed = Toma Verde Tomatillo

Undyed seed = Purple Tomatillo

Seed Count: Approx. 135 / Weight: 0.2 gms
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